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On-line test angleščina C1



Test vsebuje 20 vprašanj.
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Sarah _____ an instant dislike to her new boss but tried hard to hide it.
She grew _____ after waiting for half an hour at the restaurant.
I don't believe you. You're pulling my _______!
I went to the garage yesterday to __________.
You are the best. I think you'll pass the test with flying ________.
He went to see the match, _____ he doesn’t like baseball.
At our next meeting we _______ new house rules.
No sooner had we arrived home, …
The more you work _________ you earn.
Where is Jack?
At the time, I thought I ________ to the city, but then I decided to stay in the country.
___________ when I was a student.
So dangerous _______ weather conditions become, that we had to return.
Nobody else has been told the news, _______?
He admitted ______a mistake.
_____ the map, the road is 40 kilometres long.
After _____ in the USA for 4 years, I finally got used to their ways.
I can’t help _____ sorry for John, losing a job like that.
I love this coat but it's way too expensive. It costs an arm and a _______.
You should _____ aside at least an hour a week for learning English.
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