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On-line test angleščina B1-B2



Test vsebuje 40 vprašanj.
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— What’s he like?
— How was the film yesterday?
— Was the test difficult?
— No, it was a piece of_____.
They __________ the company in 2019.
This house _________ in 1990.
If you are looking for a new job, send a __________.
He stopped _________ last year.
Sally used ___________ a flat with her friend
We'll call you as soon as we _________.
If I won the lottery, I ________ a new car.
He is so indecisive. He can never _________ his mind.
You look tired. What ___________ ?
When I saw her she ___________ to her son.
I think Madonna is the best singer _____ the world.
The plane _______ at 5 o'clock.
Her parents didn’t _____ her go to the party.
— Do you mind if I open the window?
That’s the house _____ I was born.
I _____ go to the dentist yesterday.
— Can you tell me __________?
They don’t get _____ very well.
When she retired she _________ gardening.
I don’t like their offer so I’m going to __________.
I didn't know you _______ a doctor.
She told me she _________ The following week.
I would have bought you flowers if I __________ it was your birthday.
Although she didn’t study at all, she ________ pass the test.
We’re not used to ________ e-mails in English.
He _________in finishing the report.
I can’t remember her name. It’s on the _______ of my tongue.
— I'm coming to Ljubljana. Can you ________?
You won’t pass the final exam _____ you start studying right now.
At the beginning of the film I realised I _________ it before.
She ______ about her cats. It’s so annoying.
— Have you ever worked _____ a personal assistant before?
John keeps ______ the same mistakes all over again
I had to read the sentence twice _____ understand the meaning.
I wish I _____ those words, because I really hurt her feelings.
By the end of the month Susan ______ from the university.
The security guard said that we ______ enter the building.
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