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On-line test angleščina A1-A2



Test vsebuje 20 vprašanj.
Preberite stavek in izberite ustrezen odgovor.
Začnite kviz
What time is it?
Question Image
The ball is _____ the table
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— What’s the weather like?
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— What time does the ______ open?
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— What's his job?
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— What does he look like?
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Let’s _____ this afternoon.
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— When do you usually _____ the radio?
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— How old are you?
— My birthday is _____ December 15th.
— Do you like Chinese food?
George ________ live in Paris.
Don’t eat _____ sweets before lunch.
— ________ does this bag cost?
Where were you yesterday?
I _________ you at the party.
— Which is __________ river in the world?
Rambo is ____________ film I have ever seen.
She ____________ to New York.
What do you do in your free time?
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